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It has been a privilege  to contribute to “The Huffington Post.” These stories have given me the opportunity to dig deeper into topics. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I do.

Karmin (2014)

This was my second interview with the duo. I enjoy their energy and positive outlook on life. The future is bright for them.

Linda Lavin (2013)

This interview was a dream. I’ve loved Linda since I was a child, and she couldn’t have been any warmer. I’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for her talent after speaking with her. I will forever remember this one.

Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin

Splash Bar NYC (2013)

When I heard Splash was closing in New York, I was as shocked as everyone. Not I visited it on a regular basis, it does hold some good memories for me. It was the first bar I went to when I moved to New York; that’s a sentiment many have echoed.

Matthew Morrison (2013)

The star of “Glee” returned to his roots.

Barbara Taylor Bradford (2013)

Interviewing the best-selling author was a joy. I especially loved it when she said, “Please, call me Barbara.”

Karmin (2013)

When I was asked to interview, I admit I didn’t know much about the duo. However, my teenage cousins loved them and were so excited. After speaking with them, I realized why they were happy.

Jackie Collins (2013)

Jackie Collins and Dustin Fitzharris

Jackie Collins and Dustin Fitzharris

The third time interviewing Jackie Collins was a charm. I love this woman! By far one of my favorite people to write about.

Dionne Warwick (2012)

I first interviewed Ms. Warwick in February 2011. I always knew that I wanted another chance to speak with her. We had a very warm and comfortable conversation. I love her music, and enjoyed her humor.

Richie Sambora (2012)

I have been to several Bon Jovi concerts–thanks to my brother–and always had a good time. It was exciting to speak with Richie because he can talk about anything and make you feel at ease. I can see why so many people gravitate to him and his music.

Richie Sambora

Frenchie Davis (2012)

Leslie Uggams (2012)

I saw Leslie in a reading of “Their Eyes Were Watching God” shortly after I interviewed Phylica Rashad. Her performance captivated me, and I just knew I had to speak with her. We spoke twice to do this interview, and I could have spent several more hours speaking with her. What a smart and talented woman.

Sophie B. Hawkins (2012)

I have interviewed Sophie more times than any other person. She is always honest, candid and never forgets our previous talks. I’m sure we’ll be chatting in the future.

Valerie Simpson (2012)

This interview was very special for me because Ms. Simpson welcomed me into her home. We chatted liked old friends. She is the real thing!

Steve Binder (2012)

As a fan of Diana Ross’ 1983 Central Park concert, I was thrilled to speak with the show’s director!

Diana Ross in Central Park: Before and After the Storm (2012)

Diana Ross

My original idea was to just interview the concert’s director, Steve Binder. Then as I became more involved in my research, I wanted to know more about everything that was happening around the concert, including Diana Ross’ current album at the time, “Ross.” That led me to Gary Katz. After that interview I knew anything was possible. This story was truly a labor of love.

Debbie Gibson (2012)

Phylicia Rashad (2012)

The was also my second interview with Phylicia. This time we found ourselves discussing world affairs. I quickly learned that when one talks with Ms. Rashad, one has to be on his or her toes. She couldn’t have been kinder. A few weeks later I met her backstage at a reading she was doing. She threw her arms around me and gave me the biggest hug. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Toni Braxton (2012)

I remember as a teenager I played a lot of Toni Braxton’s music. One of my favorite songs was on her debut album. It was called “Best Friend.” When I told Toni this she yelled, “Ohmygod! Yes!” We had a wonderful and candid talk.

Nadia G (2012)

Diane Warren (2012)

This was my second conversation with the songwriting genius. Once again she did not hold back. I think the next time we talk it should be over lunch.

Diane Warren

Michael Feinstein (2011)

Jane Leeves (2011)

I met Jane at a TV Land party. Valerie Bertinelli introduced us. When I mentioned I write for “The Huffington Post,” she said, “Let’s do a story!” And we did!

Justin Sayre (2011)


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