I had wanted to contribute to “Out” since I began writing. My first article was on Vanessa Williams in May 2009. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to interview many wonderful people, as well as tell stories that cut through an individual’s sexuality.

Anne Rice

Anne Rice (2010)

One of my favorite interviews. Rice had just announced she was leaving the “church,” and it set the media on fire. I emailed her and asked if she would like to do an interview with me. Without hesitation she agreed. Once the article came out she posted it on her Facebook page and said that she typically doesn’t care for stories on her, but wanted to share this one. To be complimented by Anne Rice was quite an honor.

Jackie Collins (2010)

Some interviews you just feel really good about after they are over. This was one of them. What can I say about Jackie? She is so talented, charming, sexy, and funny. I’ve done a lot of interviews, but thus far this has been one of my favorites.

Melissa Etheridge (2010)

This was my third interview with Melissa. She has always been so kind to me.

Sophie B. Hawkins (2010)

I’ve interviewed Sophie four times, and I always leave smiling. What a warm spirit. I enjoy talking with her because she never holds back. She exposes her emotions.

Tracee Ellis Ross (2010)

Doing this article was another personal joy for me. Tracee has an incredible sense of humor. We spent most of the time laughing!

Joan Collins  (2010)

Joan Collins

Now talk about a good time! When one thinks of Joan Collins, he or she may not think of funny, but spend some time with her … I enjoyed speaking with her, and she is one talent I hope to circle back with in the future.

Joy Behar (2010)

I didn’t know what to expect from Joy. I was hoping she would be as sassy and as candid as she is on her show and “The View.” She was! I could’ve spent hours with her. A real smart lady. At the end I asked her, “Is there anything you’d like to add?” She laughed and said, “What could I possibly add? You’ve asked me every question imaginable!”

Brandy (2010)

I met Brandy at her hotel and we had a fun, one-on-one talk that lasted for over an hour. Her energy was electric.

Bebe Neuwirth (2010)

This was the second time I got to speak with Bebe. We did this interview in her dressing room, and she couldn’t have been more welcoming. We shared several laughs, and I hope we have the chance to meet again.

Bebe Neuwirth

Adamo may only be 23, but he does have a great career ahead of him. More than that, though, he has a charming personality. He was so kind, considerate and understanding throughout the interview process.

Susan Harris (2010)

The woman behind “The Golden Girls.” We spoke to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.

Charles Busch (2010)

I met Charles outside Bea Arthur’s memorial. I approached him and told him that we needed to do a story together one day. Well, here it is. I didn’t know until doing my research that Charles and I share the same birthday.

Meshell Ndegeocello (2010)

What an interesting woman. Meshell was so shy and by the end of our interview admitted that she is usually terrified of interviews. However, she thanked me for putting her at ease and even said she had a good time. I did too!

Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir (2010)

Johnny may be best known for his skating ability, but he really is quite the character. We talked one day before his 26th birthday. It was a very easy conversation, and it did create a little buzz across the Internet.

Steve Hayes (2010)

I can’t remember when I had more fun doing an interview. Steve had me in tears. There were times I didn’t want to ask serious questions because I wanted to keep laughing. We did this interview in an office overlooking New York City. I looked out the window and had to pinch myself … I was not only in New York, but I was working … interviewing.

Reba McEntire (2009)

I have loved Reba’s music for years. It’s helped me reflect a lot on different emotions. I was excited to talk with her. Country stars rarely give interviews to publications that appeal to a gay community. I was glad I could help Reba speak to a community that country music artists shy away from. This interview taught me a few skills that I continue to practice.

Bea Arthur Memorial (2009)

Speaking of “The Golden Girls…” I regret that I never had the chance to interview Bea Arthur. However, being able to cover her memorial was an honor. I sat in the second row and laughed, cried and remembered the talent of this amazing woman. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day.

Robin Strasser (2009)

As I’ve shared before, I aspire to write for Daytime TV. Having the opportunity to do a story on a soap icon was very important and gratifying for me. Ms. Strasser couldn’t have been warmer to me and gave a real honest and heartfelt interview. I continue to send her my best.

Tina Landau (2009)

I always believe in doing a lot of research before an interview. I spoke with Tina on a hot, July day, and during our talk she said, “You’re scaring me here. How did you know that?” It’s truly the greatest compliment. This article brought Tina to Out’s attention, and they named her one of Out’s 100 in 2009.

Deepa Soul (2009)

Deepa Soul was so honest and heartfelt. We talked for quite a long time, and I found her to be very warm and smart.

Ari Gold (2009)

Not only is Ari talented, he’s charming, stylish and fun! I enjoyed talking with him one Saturday afternoon.

Stephanie J. Block (2009)

After our interview I was invited to go backstage at “9 to 5.” Stephanie and I chatted in her dressing room and then she introduced me to the rest of the cast. I finally made it on Broadway! Really, though, it was more than I ever could’ve asked for, and I walked away with a wonderful and feeling.

Vanessa Williams (2009)

This was my second interview with Williams, and she was just as sincere as the first time. She’s beautiful inside and OUT. I remember her publicist called me and asked if we could move the interview back an hour so that she could drive her daughter to school. I didn’t have to think twice to say “Yes.”


Ian McShane (2010)

Pamela Anderson (2010)

Pamela Anderson

Kristine W. (2010)

Court Yard Hounds (2010)

Benjamin Bratt (2010)

Marti Gould Cummings (2010)

Drew Ginsburg (2010)

Markus Klinko and Indrani (2010)

TV Land’s High School Reunion (2010)

Yoshi Sergant (2010)

Jenny Shimizu (2010)

Wilson Cruz (2010)

Miike Snow (2009)

Timothy Bellavia (2009)

Joe Marshall and Andy Maynard (2009)

Mark Duplass and Andrew Leonard (2009)

Anthony Rapp (2009)


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