Writing for “Essence” has been a wonderful experience. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several people I’ve admired for years.

I met Dionne Warwick around lunch time on a cold, February day. We spoke for close to an hour, and I think we could’ve gone on and on. She was honest, sincere and someone I’d love to speak with again. Dionne Warwick (2011)

Dionne Warwick

I spoke with Patti LaBelle for the third time. This time we talked about her return to Broadway in the musical “Fela.” She kept me laughing and just wanting to spend more time with her. She’s truly a class act.  Patti LaBelle (2010)

I had to hold back emotions when interviewing Phylicia Rashad. This is the woman who played Clair Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and gave me so many laughs as a child. I will never forget our long talk. At the end of the interview she said, “I can assure you with a name like Dustin Fitzharris, I will never forget you.” Phylicia Rashad – For more with Phylicia, click here. (2010)

What can you say about Jackee Harry? She came to the interview “on.” She knows how to make you laugh. Growing up I was a big fan of “227,” so I was in heaven while speaking with her. I ran into her on my birthday. We were having dinner at the same restaurant.  It may have been tacky, but I went over to her and said hello. Once again she was as gracious as can be. Jackee Harry (2010)

Natalie Cole

Evan Ross was probably my most hectic interview in terms of scheduling. The boy is in demand! Then to complicate matters, he lost his cell phone. However, once we did talk he was respectful, gracious and charming. Evan Ross (2010)

When I was buying all of those Natalie Cole cassettes and CDs, I never would’ve thought I’d be talking with her, let alone singing with her. By the end of this interview we were playfully exchanging lyrics together. But more than that, this experience inspired me and gave me some ideas for the future … Natalie Cole (2010)

When “Essence” asked me to cover the pre-trial for Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor, I didn’t hesitate. I was thankful they thought of me. (2010)

Michael Jackson Pre-Trial – Day 3

Michael Jackson Pre-Trial – Day 4

Michael Jackson Pre-Trial – Day 5

Michael Jackson Pre-Trial – Day 6

Patti LaBelle


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