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Laurieann Gibson (2011)

I interviewed Laurieann in a rehearsal studio on a cold, January day. Right before I walked in Lady Gaga left the studio. Laurieann and I sat and talked for a good hour, and I’m hoping sit with her again.

Fran Drescher (2011)

The voice. The charm. The humor. This woman has it all. What a delight for me to speak with her.

Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins (2011)

Nobody has ever made me laugh as much during an interview as Jackie Collins has. You can just ask her anything because she will always have some clever answer. We’ve done two interviews thus far. I look forward to a third.

Dyan Cannon (2011)

When Dyan Cannon got on the phone with me the first thing she said was, “Yo, Dustin!” I replied, “Yo, Dyan!” We were good to go from that point on!

Gloria Estefan (2011)

As a teenager I loved Gloria Estefan more than you can imagine. Having the opportunity to speak with her–on her birthday nonetheless–was a dream come true.

Katori Hall (2011)

Read how this younger playwright followed her dreams and made it to Broadway!

Siedah Garrett (2012)

The woman behind Michael Jackson’s hit, “Man in the Mirror” discuss her Oscar nomination, Michael Jackson and much more!

Dyan Cannon


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